Sunday, 27 November 2011

Tribal Print

Tribal print has to be my current favourite pattern, it's a great way to add some bold texture and colour to the house. Designers take influence and inspiration from Africa, Latin America and Central Asia to create fluid patterns that give depth and brings a room to life. Whether the pattern is more modern or has stayed true to its cultural heritage, tribal print with its rich vibrant colours and soft details can make a punchy statement but still manages to feel delicate. On pillows, throws or head rests, the bedroom is a favourite place to use tribal patterns as they can make a bed inviting, quirky and fresh. But stepping outside the box and placing a tribal rug in the centre of the room or hanging it across a wall can make an impact in a minimalist dining room or shiny white bathroom. 
Urban Outfitters have some beautiful tribal rugs and pillows in at the moment and high street clothing stores always stock patterned scarves that could be framed, hung, sewn, thrown and used in any other way you can think of. 
So try splashing some tribal vibe around!

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