Tuesday, 15 November 2011

In Perfect Symmetry

I guess in some ways symmetry is something that we are drawn to in our everyday lives, it is ingrained in us. Apparently we are attracted to people with very symmetrical faces and basic design foundations are built on the principles of symmetry, it is supposed to be more aesthetically pleasing and beautiful.
At home, symmetry can be used (in a much less serious and philosophical way) to create order and a focal point within a room. It can give a space balance, harmony and proportion, making it more interesting and a beautiful place to spend time.

1. Regular, ordered picture frames over a sofa make a space look bigger.
2. I really like it when bedrooms are really symmetrical like this one. The mirrors, lights and circular net above the bed look lovely.
3. This is such a simple, beautiful idea. The dress adds texture and depth to a room and by being placed over the couch i lines up the room.
4. Spaces with lots of detail and different things can easily be tidied up by creating symmetry with a few bits and pieces.
5. Even side draws can be organised with a bit of symmetry using frames and books stacked underneath.
6. These similar photo frames that hang across two walls in a series create a mirror effect, almost like an open book. It also makes this dining area really cosy and its own space.

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