Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Caught on Camera

Vintage and quirky looking camera's are such great things to jazz up shelves, dressing tables and desks, adding a bit of character to a space.
There are always loads of amazing vintage camera's at car boot sales and on Ebay that are generally pretty cheap. I bought a beautiful Zenit (a 1950's Russian camera) from Ebay last year, it was only £7 and I even used it for a bit but now it's retired and on our dining room shelf just looking pretty alongside a Lomo Fisheye camera. And I think the more the merrier so I'm always on the look out for other unique and interesting ones.

Clockwise from top right corner: The Design Files, DesignSponge, Lauren ConradIngenuity On Display, Paper Garland, Paper Garland, DesignSponge

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