Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Bright Bathrooms

So many of us (me included) decorate bathrooms so they end up very white and possibly a little bland which is fine but it's nice to add some personality to a room that can generally be very plain. There are some great ways to add colour to a bathroom making it less sterile and way more interesting. Patterned tiles, detailed wallpaper, interesting mats, colourful curtains and even large plants all brighten a bathroom whilst still allowing it to be a clean, relaxing space. 

Funnily enough when we bought our house the bathroom was exactly the same colour as the one above. It looked hideous but this one works so well. The candy floss pink walls are balanced with the vintage cabinet, coat hangers and leather armchair and the large brilliant white bathtub and sink remind you that its still a bathroom not a child's room. I'm slightly regretting repainting our bathroom now!

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