Thursday, 17 November 2011

From Bloomsbury

My favourite shop at the moment is Bloomsbury. It always has really quirky and unique little things for the house, everything from mugs to garden tools, stationary to jewellery, a great place for presents and finding a selfish present for yourself. Here are my fav things in store now....

1. Scotty mug, £7.95 (because apparently my boyfriend looks like TinTin)
2. Wild & Wolf Tea Pot, £14.95 (purely for decorative purposes of course)
3. Marmite tin jar, £5.95 (I am a seriously lover of Marmite so really feel I need this)
4. Scrabble letter pillow, £19.95 (so I can clearly mark my side of the bed/ space on the sofa)
5. Seletti porcelain milk jugs, £9.95 (classic white or modern gold, it would be a hard decision to make)
6. City of London Transport Print, £21.95 (I just really like this illustration and its colours)

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