Monday, 7 November 2011

Home Made Flower Power

There are so many amazing ways to display flowers and different containers to put them and plants into.... use your imagination, reuse different, unexpected things and create something unique to you.
1. This is a great idea from Martha Stewart, I think it looks really modern and eye catching but all it is is recycled bottles and jars. Keep a variety of glass containers, clean them and take the labels off then swill enamel paint around inside and voila! Heres a step by step.
2. Tin tea containers for planting, and the more worn and knocked around they look the better. Remember to put holes in the base for drainage and you're ready to go. The Design Files
3. Wrap tin cans with colourful patterned material to make plant pots for the window sill or to hang outside. Poppy Talk
4. An old milk bottle carrier crate looks minimalist but with an interesting touch using clear bottles and a few long stemmed flowers.The Design Files 
5. Such an amazing idea using light bulbs as hanging flower vases. Would be beautiful inside or outside for summer evening dinner parties. StumbleUpon
6. Tea pots... well why not? I would use mine as centre pieces down the dining table with those delicate white Gypsophila. Red
7.Vintage looking paint cans would look great in the kitchen or conservatory or for planing herbs outside. Daydream Lily
8. Line lots of random jugs, glasses, bottles; coloured, clear, old, new and mix them up to make an interesting line up. Daydream Lily
9. Clear bottles of different sizes and shapes to stand single statement flowers or dried thistles, add personalised labels if your feeling particularly creative. Blue Moss Girl

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  1. i love the light-bulb idea! i never would've thought of that myself! ;)

    <3, Mimi