Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sleep, Eat, Play

We all need spaces for these things and here are my favourite for each today....

Sleep: Use lots of lovely comforting pillows to take the industrial-edge off a room with bare brick walls and bring an old fashioned iron pedestal plant stand in from the garden to make a detailed side table.

Eat: These retro kitchen units with burnt orange edging contrast with the powder blue walls in a really interesting, unique way, giving a French feel to it. Anyone feel like painting now?

Play: This is a beautiful calm space to entertain, read, relax and work amongst a variety of different wall art. Loving the reclaimed coffee table and the very subtly different coloured chairs.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Reclaimed Headboards

I love it when you come across really creative ideas that are able to transform something as boring as a bed headboard into a focal point within a room. If you wanted to create one yourself, you could buy a quite plain bed and make it completely unique and personal from piecing together some old planks of wood, doors, shutters, room screens or even branches. And then you could paint it, age it, create patterns, write on it, pin photos to it or use it as a shelf... there are just so many possibilities!

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Wow Wallpaper from Pip Studios

I am completely and utterly IN LOVE with these colourful, vintage inspired floral wallpapers from Pip Studio. They would make an amazing feature wall in a bedroom, living room or study to brighten up a room and make it so much more interesting. My favourite is this yellow one, which is yours?

Friday, 9 March 2012

Book Club: 'Creative Walls'

I am really excited that my copy of  'Creative Walls' arrived today! It's a really lovely book giving you ideas on how to display pictures, collectables and others bits and pieces, a guide on how to organise and arrange things. 
It has some really unique and clever ideas but just the whole way the book is lain out and the different fonts used make this a gorgeous coffee table book. 

Here are some of my favourite ideas from 'Creative Walls'....

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Dreamy Bedrooms

White is often considered to be very cold when used in large amounts and I've always been a bit scared to paint a whole room white. White bedrooms make a bold statement but can look stunning when done in the right way.

Using different textures on the bed linen or floor help to bring in delicate detail to the room, breaking it up and making it more interesting. Also I think its really important to use a variety of tones of whites and creams as well as soft lighting that together will help to balance the white and make it look less clinical. I love the idea of bringing in a splash of colour with a statement rug, throw, photo or even a plant to really make an impact.

Here are a few of my favourite bedrooms that make me want to repaint.