Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Finally found!

Quite a few weeks ago I posted about my ongoing search for a set of circus lights to hang indoors or possibly outdoors. A few people helped me out with possible places to search for these (thank you to all of you) but I was still unable to find any that were quite right.

Until just now!! After a loooooong day Christmas shopping I walked past a street stall that had some beautiful and absolutely perfect string circus lights, and the lady told me I could find them at Lights4Fun. A little bit of a questionable name but they were perfect- cloudy bulb giving a softer glow, white string and they can be joined together to make a much longer chain.

So I have just placed an order with Lights4Fun for one set of '10 Globe Warm White LED Party Lights' that will be hung in our dining room and will, fingers crossed, look amazing! Will post photos when they arrive and are up and running!

Here's a little preview from the website-

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