Thursday, 1 December 2011

Corners To Curl Up In

In the cold winter months it's nice to have a warm and cosy place to curl up with a book and a massive cup of tea. We don't really have a place like this in our house at the moment and I'm really wanting to squeeze one in, somehow.  

So in the mean time I'll sit with my tea and chocolate fingers imagining I was in any one of these reading corners....
1. A very grown up, professional corner, somewhere you could write your journal by the fire. Love the old school photos above the chair, it makes it a place to reflect and remember (possibly!). Flickr
2. More of a summery reading corner with bright colours and deep wool carpet. Simply Stoked
3. I am just in love with this reading corner- its got the colour coding going on (which I'm a massive fan of), the textured leather and wood and that great circus style pillow. Bright Bazaar
4. This is just the most amazing space with the mixture of textures, patterns and soft neutral colours and all those fluffy pillows. Convoy
5. Salmon coloured, retro chic, grandma's armchair made inviting and fresh! Design Files
6. That armchair looks like it could swallow you up and the colourful pillows and flowers makes me want to go get my book. Houzz

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  1. Gorgeous inspiration pictures. Wow I love to sit there....