Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Retro Appliances

As soon as I have the opportunity (i.e. money) iconic retro 50's style stoves and refrigerators are going to make a come back in my kitchen! I think massive American style fridges from Big Chill and Smeg that take up half the kitchen are amazing and they come in so many colours, I really like the pastel ones.They are such a statement and so much more fun that the boring chrome and white modern fridges (unless they're super mod and have the TV's in it, wouldnt say no to one of them). Here are some of my fav appliances...
 Big Chill Stove

Would it be over doing it having the whole set....?
 Big Chill
Our Little Box
 Design Ideas
Pink Patent Mary Janes

Then look what you could do with the doors, how amazing are they?!

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