Thursday, 13 October 2011

Maps & Globes

Taken with my phone using the Retro Camera app for HTC of a New York City Subway map
I absolutely love maps and globes and really want to use them more around our house. I've seen them being used as wallpaper, for flooring, in pictures, to over cupboards and desks, there is so much you can do with them. And there are loads of different types, vintage street maps, undergrounds, world, individual cities. 
We have a big map over our stairs that we stick coins, notes, postcards, beer labels on from all the countries we've been, so its a bit like a huge collage which I think looks really fun. 

Here are some other ways maps have been/ could be used....

Wallpaper from Digetex Home


Martha Stewart

Creative Collective Blog

I absolutely LOVE the above idea of putting vintage maps in embroidery circles. Will definitely have to try this one day.

Also I have been looking around for some globes, like below. I have a very small one but would like a few that are all different sizes to put up along a shelf, but I'm finding it had to find anymore....Do parents not buy them for their kids anymore?? 

Elle Decor

Casa Sugar

 La Marquise

Squared Away

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