Monday, 23 April 2012

Sunday Flea Market Finds

Yesterday we went to the Giant Vintage and Flea Market at the Bath Racecourse for the first time. I was a bit sceptical as generally things like this in Bath are either really over priced or really over hyped and I was even more doubting when we had to pay £3 entry. But I'm happy to say I was proven very very wrong.... it was great. There were loads of different stalls from general vintage things to retro furniture, cute floral crockery, kitsch kitchen stuff, vintage magazines, lighting, mirrors, clothes and everything in between. And most of it was pretty reasonably priced, of course there were some sellers that priced things way too high but most were surprisingly cheap. Plus you can haggle for everything and get an even better bargain (not that I'm any good at it!).

I didn't really know what I was looking for when we went so came back with quite a few things. All of which I love and am really happy with but all of which made my boyfriend say 'do we really need that?' And all girls will know the answer to that!!

Anyway, if anyone lives in or near Bath make sure you check it out, the next ones on Sunday 20th May, and here are the things I got.....

This vintage bevel edged mirror is my favourite find, especially as I've been looking for one for a while now and blogged about mirrors a few weeks ago (have a look here). I love that its slightly worn in some places so doesn't look too new. Also I go it for £20 as the lady didn't want to have to drag it back to her car- such a bargain!!

 I know this is not a necessity, especially considering it is never hot enough in the UK to use a fan but its just really lovely and the colour is great, plus it was only £6 so if I come to my senses and realise it is just an old plastic fan in a few weeks its wasn't too much of an investment.

This is just a sweet little jug but I thought the unusual shape was great, and it makes a perfect flower vase for the shelf!

Then finally I got this pillow as well. Not massively exciting but its taking pride of place on the sofa for the moment!

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